Cadillac Chameleon - Luxury Autonomous Vehicle

The fully-automated driving is here. 

The changing technologies will have a massive impact on our lives, our connectivity, our urban spaces and many other fields.

How will the new driverless car will look like? What can we do with all this free time? And how does the luxury car provide a better experience than all other cars?

The Cadillac Chameleon is a 4-seater limousine which answers these questions. Whether it's a businessman or a public figure from the entertainment industry, the Chameleon is designed to provide a better, tailored travel experience.

Luxury goes hand-in-hand with customization. The Chameleon allows you to customize itself by your standards, and on the go - the customer can change the windows transparency, the wheel-covers' profile, the screens' layout and many more elements in the car. The seats offer a comfortable working environment for the busy commuter, and allows a luxurious sleeping variation for over-night driving. 

The car is fully-connected to its surroundings. Parking is no longer an issue - the car will wait at your doorstep when you want it to. After you arrive at your destination, the Chameleon will drop you off near the entrance and drive itself to the nearest parking place. This allows adifferent way of entering the car - via the back. This way the passengers can go in and out comfortably and quickly, without having to bow down like in cars with side doors.

Another connectivity feature is the car's window-screen display. It will reflect the view outside and will allow the passengers to extract different details from their view - information about buildings and sights, opening hours of restaurants and connection to other cars in their area or friends-network. that way the passengers can be fully informed about what's going on around them, and help them explore new opprotunities in the urban spaces.

Supervising teacher: Dori Regev

Research supervising: Dr. Yona Weitz

​© 2020 by Or David Shachar.

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