Car Maintenance Assistant

The Assistant is a small toolkit, made for helping its users to perform regular maintenance check-ups in the car. Its main purpose is to raise awareness to the importance of keeping the car well maintained in order to avoid future problems that will cost more money and time. The Assistant involves both physical features as well as a designated app with instructions and reminders. The assistant combines various features such as air pressure and tire depth checking tools in it, while other tests such as water levels are being checked using the car’s built-in instruments and with the app help for detailed how-to instructions. The Assistant will remind the users to perform the regular checks, but will also allow him to postpone the checks to another time using the Snooze option. At some point however, if ignored for too long the Assistant will eventually lock the car until the checks are completed.


The project was done during an exchange semester in Folkwang University, Essen, Germany (2015)

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