Nissan CityWalk - Walking-Powered Shared Vehicle For Car-less City Centers

By the year 2050 London's city center will completely ban any private cars from entering. Instead, the city will offer a green, human powered solution for those travelling within the city center area. 

This vehicle is the Nissan CityWalk - a walking-powered personal mobility vehicle, with an option to attach a delivery unit to it to allow short-distance deliveries in the city. The CityWalk is backed by a small electric engine, and provides a healthy and clean mobility options for those who want to move around the city in a faster pace and still have protection from rain, or want to wear anything they want while using it - two of the regular bike's biggest issues. The navigating and steering is done autonomously, so the user only has to to hop on, and set the pace of the ride by changing its walking speed.

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