Inclusion and Empathy - Meeting special mobility needs in the age of autonomy

A project in collaboration with the RAC.

Link is a service and vehicle primarily for the Deaf/Hard of Hearing, but is ultimately beneficial for all. We started our research by talking to a volunteer, John, who was deaf from birth, doing 1st hand research and talking to the BDA. Our proposal is a fleet of 2 and 4 seaters owned and run by the TFL. Replacing Black Cabs with a Level 5 Autonomy, it will drastically improve on visual communication for before, during and after the use of our vehicle, creating a seamless UI and UX between the User-Vehicle and User-User.

The project was done in a group with Ashley Kennard, Hilja Kaitila, Shunsuke Mogi. Final renders by Shunsuke Mogi

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