S.A.M - Social Activity mapping

Meet SAM. Sam will stand in the middle of the table and will project on it a live graphic map of your conversation with your friends. If you ever wondered who's the quiet one (and who's the loudest), who's too busy with their phone, Sam will give you the answers! And if you happen to be the quiet one yourself, don't worry! You can always use the Action Button for an altered mapping (so they'll never know).

On the tech side, Sam's fitted with voice sensors and live processing unit so it can tell who's sitting where and adjust the beams in tthe right directions.


Sam can offer various features, such as:

  • Additive mode - a color layer is being added once every minute

  • Dynamic mode - the conversation mapping changes simultaniously

  • Phone Snitcher - tells you if someone's using their phone (even on Silent Mode)

  • Action Button - to reverse the current mapping, or add a twist to the total mapping

  • Phone Connection - so can stream pics from your phone on the table to show everyone

  • Live Keywords Search - a smart keyword detector that will show pics from the web if you talk about them

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