Spotify Shared Vehicle

The Spotify shared-vehicle service allows people in the city to share a ride with others, based on similar musical taste. As music is one of the most effective ice-breakers in conversation, the simplest thing of having a similar taste in music has the opportunity of sparking new social connections and by that helping to eliminate a feeling of loneliness in future cities. These shared journeys have potential to create special moments with social benefits to users and operators over time.

The Spotify shared-vehicle has different phases of interactions. The initial contact between two or more passengers will be followed by sponsored suggestions to explore the city and unwind after a long day or week. Later on the service will also suggest musical events around the city based on the music played within the vehicle, and serve as a shuttle bus to these
events. On the longer run, this will also include taking passengers to events outside the city, such as music festivals - in which it will serve as a stationary, more relaxed private pod to enjoy the music in smaller groups within the big events.


The main pebble control unit offers a playful experience around the music in the vehicle, as the control over who decides on what’s being played can be shifted by pushing the pebble towards the desired person in a way that promotes a discussion and interaction around it.

As cities grow bigger and attract more people from all over the world and AI is replacing various services , more and more people are expected to feel lonely in the big city. loneliness in the city creates a feeling of isolation and is related to depression among young people who live in big cities.

Music has always gathered people around it - whether it’s during a concert or a more intimate social meeting in the form of a campfire with friends and family. Accordingly, music interfaces and sound systems received major attention in car interiors. The shift to autonomous vehicles also means rearranging the seating positions and creating new experiences of listening to music inside the re-imagined vehicles, in a more sociable and open way.

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