Urban Foldable Bike

The Urban Foldable Bike is made of layers of laser-cut wood and light-weight aluminum frame. The metal frame in the middle is used to hide the wires for the brakes and the lights, and allows hidden storage space for newspapers and small objects. The design process took in mind the two stages in the usage of the bike – the open stage is complete and flowing with a hidden folding mechanism. The closed stage looks tidy and has an arrow-like shape. A big emphasis was put on the folding mechanism. The aim was to make the whole folding process as easy as possible, with only a few steps from the open stage to the closed one. Once closed, the foldable bikes can easily be carried on the bus, train and in cars without taking too much space, with a built-in triangular handle for a comfortable grip. The same triangular space in the frame can also be used to lock the bike. The bike’s look is inspired by the urban space – skateboards and graffiti. Every user can choose the bike’s colors and spray graffiti on it. Furthermore, the users can replace the bike’s main frame with newly laser-cut wood in case of an accident or damage.

​© 2020 by Or David Shachar.

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